Wood Products

Our wooden products include kitchen cabinets, office interiors, built-in furniture, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture such as tables, beds and armoires and virtually any wood product you might need for your home or office. Our kitchen cabinets are not mass-produced and do not come in any particular size or style. They are individually designed and built for each customer with imagination as our only limitation. We stress thinking outside the box.

Should you decide to have us build your cabinetry or furniture we will:

  • Start with a free in-home consultation to discuss
    exactly what your needs are.

  • Take measurements and get a feel for the style that
    will suit both you and your home.

  • Next we will provide you with a rough estimate of the
    cost of the job.

  • If you choose to continue, elevation drawings are
    produced of your new kitchen (hand-drawn not computer generated) and a firm price is established.

  • These are then reviewed with you and modified, if
    necessary, until you are completely happy.

  • From there it’s on to production and installation which
    is included in the price.

Concrete Products

In recent years we’ve added concrete forming to our list of offerings. Affectionately referred to as “liquid stone,” concrete is a versatile, creative material, which, when done correctly, is rich, distinctive and inherently unique and personal. With the virtually limitless possibilities of concrete, we can create kitchens and bathrooms for you that are as unique as they are beautiful.

Although forms of concrete have been used for since well before biblical times, in todays most common form it has existed for around the last 150 years. Concrete countertops however are a far cry from your typical slab of concrete. Using precision manufacturing techniques and closely guarded recipes, manufacturers of todays concrete countertops have honed their processes and skills such that each finished product is a truly unique piece that will be the ultimate finishing touch to your new kitchen.

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